T-Shirts, 7" and insert, Cd Wallet, Tour Poster, Web Banner and 12" LP Jacket for the band The Discussion:
Logo, Website and Poster Design for Retro Futurist Records:
 9v battery with the Kylesa logo. For years, effects pedal users would rely on these for power before efficient power bricks became readily available. This idea connected well with our fans as well as our identity (we were early pioneers of effects pedal users in the heavy music scene)
Graphic Layout and Icon illustrations (except for the "K" by Edley O'Dowd) for the Kylesa album "Exhausting Fire"
Kylesa "Exhausting Fire" LP Jacket Gatefold Interior
Kylesa "Exhausting Fire" LP Jacket Gatefold Interior
Kylesa "Exhausting Fire" LP Jacket Front (Right) and Back
Kylesa "Exhausting Fire" LP Jacket Front (Right) and Back
Physical Copy
Physical Copy
Matchbook and Die- Cut Record Jacket with flint used for the tile "Exhausting Fire" 
Limited Tour T-Shirt Design for Kylesa
Photo Shoot Edit and Tour Poster
Graphic Layout and textured background imagery for Kylesa Reissue LP "Time Will Fuse Its Worth"
7" art (back and front), T-Shirt with 7" art; and Digital Single for the punk band Brandy & The Butcher
Poster for a DJ-ing Event at Kniven (The Knife) in Oslo, Norway
Gatefold 12" Layout + Design, Flexi 7" Layout + Design, Long Sleeve Shirt, CD, Web Banner for the Italian metal band MARTHE:
Live 12" LP + Booklet Page Excerpts, Marketing Sticker Design, Social Media Hype Video for the metal band
T-shirt Design (for fun) for the post punk band ACTORS:
25th Anniversary Shirt for the Metal Label Southern Lord:
Various Social media Posts for the metal label Southern Lord:

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